Norwich tot gets poll card after electoral roll mix-up

She may only just be learning to read and write, but two-year-old Sophie Harris is currently weighing up which way to vote in next month's council elections.

A mix-up has seen the Thorpe Marriott youngster receive a polling card for the upcoming council elections and referendum on the alternative voting system on Thursday May 5.

However, it seems the source of the confusion was an incorrect electoral roll form sent in by her parents, stating that she was over 18-years-old, and she will not be able to vote on the day.

A spokesman for Broadland District Council said: 'We've checked the electoral form that was sent to Miss Harris, and unfortunately she included Sophie's name on it when she filled it in and returned it to us.

'From what Miss Harris put down, we had no way of knowing Sophie's age, which is why she was sent a polling card.'

The arrival has amused her parents, Debi Harris and Matt Cook, but mum says Sophie is still yet to decide which way she will vote.

'I'll let her vote for whoever she wants,' Miss Harris joked. 'I assume it was a mistake when I signed up to the electoral roll last year.

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'But I'm always very careful with things like that, so I didn't think it was my fault.'

It's not the first time that a poll card has been sent to someone underage, and it probably won't be the last. But the council spokesman added that the mistake demonstrated the importance of filling out such forms correctly, saying: 'It's obviously very important that households fill in their electoral forms carefully and accurately to make sure they exercise their democratic right to vote.

'But unlike Sophie, they do need to be eligible in the first place.'

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