Toddler left with burn after playing on scorching outdoor toy

Louise Blundell has warned other parents to beware of outdoor toys after her 16-month-old daughter, Harriet, burned her leg.

Louise Blundell has warned other parents to beware of outdoor toys after her 16-month-old daughter, Harriet, burned her leg. - Credit: Louise Blundell

An unsuspecting mum has warned other parents about kid's toys left outdoors after finding her 16-month-old daughter had been burned on equipment.

Mum-of-two Louise Blundell was aghast after her little girl was left with a mark on her leg after playing on her three-wheel bike.

The 41-year-old from Heartsease said: "I kept my kids indoors between 11am and 3pm as I knew that's when the sun was at its highest.

"So on Sunday after 3pm I let my son, James, and daughter Harriet out to play in the garden as it was cooler.

The burn Louise Blundell found on her daughter Harriet's leg.

The burn Louise Blundell found on her daughter Harriet's leg. - Credit: Louise Blundell

"The paddling pool was out and we had a great time in the garden together.

"It was only when I changed Harriet's nappy later that I noticed an angry red mark on her leg."

The curriculum advisor at a city school added: "Harriet wasn't bothered at all. 

"We put some cream on it to make sure it wasn't sore and she went to sleep happy."

Louise Blundell's children James, three and a half and Harriet, who is 16 months.

Louise Blundell's children James, three-and-a-half and Harriet, who is 16-months-old. - Credit: Louise Blundell

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However checking again the next morning Mrs Blundell realised what the mark was.

She added: "It was a full on burn.

"From the outline of the mark we noticed it matched one of her trike seats."

The mum said she was "really surprised" that the toys were so hot and warned other parents to be on their guard.

She said: "Thankfully Harriet is acting normally and there's no bleeding or weeping coming from the burn."

Louise Blundell, 41, from Heartsease.

Louise Blundell, 41, from Heartsease. - Credit: Louise Blundell

Mrs Blundell posted the picture of her toddler's burn on social media to warn other parents of the potential danger.

She said: "We don't get this hot weather often so it isn't something a lot of people think of as being an issue.

"If I hadn't considered this then other parents may not have either - you've got to be careful.

"I don't want to cause alarm or scare anyone. I just want to raise awareness for others.

"I'd recommend keeping any outdoor toys covered with a tea towel if people don't have anywhere to store them away."