Norwich teachers to appear in science books nationwide

Two teachers from Costessey have contributed to major science textbooks used all over the country.

The two books, Missions and Get Science, are part of the Key Stage 3 Wikid science course and are being used at more than 800 schools nationwide.

The two teachers work for Ormiston Victory Academy at Costessey.

Ben Rogers, director of teaching and learning, contributed a physics section and Lucy Austin, gifted and talented co-ordinator leader, wrote about volcanoes.

Mr Rogers said: 'I have really enjoyed the writing. It has certainly improved the quality of my teaching.'

He also designed a whole science course online and has contributed a lot of science coursework over the past three years, writing a unit on space aliens and another on sound and light.

Mr Rogers got his taste for writing in Africa. 'I was teaching in Ghana more than 10 years ago. I wrote three textbooks for schools there. They may still be in use, I hope so.'

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Ms Austin, who started writing about 18 months ago, said: 'It is very rewarding to be improving the quality of education across the country.'

She has also contributed several items for chemistry courses.

Last month the Evening News reported that the academy will be completed a year earlier than initially planned, thanks to a surprise �15m government cash injection.

The funding will come from The Department for Education and will see the former Costessey High School get just short of the �17m it originally asked for.

Rachel de Souza, principal of Ormiston Victory Academy, said: 'I am absolutely delighted at the money allocated by the government for our rebuild. It is a huge vote of confidence in our new academy and the Costessey community.'

For more information visit about Ormiston Victory Academy visit or call 01603 742310

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