Norwich super dog survives 30ft fall from bedroom window

He may not have cat-like reflexes or nine lives.

But that did not stop one super pooch from surviving a 30ft drop from a bedroom window.

Sonny, a Jack Russell and border collie cross, escaped with only a sprained ankle after he scampered too close to a top-floor window and fell to the driveway below.

Owner Jay Beckett described how her husband caught a glimpse of what he thought was jumper falling from their son's bedroom at their Norwich home. But when they heard a 'horrific yelp' they realised it was their beloved pet, which they rushed to Taverham Veterinary Surgery, and later, an animal hospital in Newmarket.

However, despite fears he was badly hurt, the dog suffered only minor injuries and is making a good recovery – he should be out walking again within days.

The 49-year-old mother-of-three, who lives at Mount Pleasant, in the Golden Triangle, spoke of how she thought she would never see their dog again.

'Sonny was up in my son's bedroom when he fell out of the window,' she said. 'We don't know how it happened but we think he might have seen a pigeon.

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'We have a driveway outside of our house and my husband had just pulled up after coming home from work. Seconds later, he saw something in his peripheral vision, which looked like a jumper falling from the window. It was followed by this horrific yelping.

'We took him to Taverham vets and then to the hospital at Newmarket to be analysed.

'It was a horrible 24 hours. He was in complete shock and the way he was walking it looked like he had hurt his head.

'But he has only got a sprained wrist and a scratched chin.

'We feared that we would lose him altogether, but he is still here.'

Sonny was the first family dog for David and Jay Beckett who have three children 18-year-old Jack, 12-year-old Tom and nine-year-old Freya.

The ligament injury will take 10 days to heal, but Mrs Beckett said Sonny is already looking sprightly again.

'Sonny is such an important part of our family and the cost of getting him treated was not something that even came into my thought process,' she added.

'All I could think about was 'I have to get this dog better'.'

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