Norwich students spend night at school for Japan crisis

Donned in pyjamas, school children from Norwich spent the night at their school to help raise funds for the Japan crisis.

Almost 60 Year 8 students from the Open Academy on Marryat Road in Heartsease completed a '24-hour school day' to fund-raise for the victims of the earthquake and resulting tsunami that struck Japan on March 11.

The 12 and 13-year-olds slept on gym mats in the atrium in sleeping bags and appealed to Sainsbury's Pound Lane branch in Thorpe St Andrew for some healthy food for breakfast the following morning.

The store provided them with plenty of fresh fruit and some of the children tried mangos and fresh coconut for the first time.

Linda Andrews from the store said: 'We were keen to offer the children a healthy breakfast and hope they enjoyed their unusual but very worthwhile fund-raising experience. Perhaps after all their midnight feasting fun in their sleeping bags, I am sure they appreciated and enjoyed a healthy start to their day.'

The children raised approximately �450 and it has been given to International Rescue, a specialist Urban Search and Rescue Team responding to natural and man made disasters around the world using specialist skills and equipment to rescue trapped people.