Norwich student's film premiere

Kim BriscoeA student at a city college has seen her film premiered to the public.Kim Briscoe

A student at a city college has seen her film premiered to the public.

'Suffolk Samurai', by City College Norwich student Anna-Marie Ramm, was shown at the Forum in Norwich last night.

The film follows the tale of heroine, Sadie, in a quest for revenge through the Suffolk countryside.

The Creative and Media Advanced Diploma student shot most of the footage for the film over two years ago, but her college course has enabled her to unearth the film, edit it and organise an event to showcase her work.

The footage was shot in Suffolk with tutor and now colleague in 'RedRam' Productions, Will Redhead.

The film tells how after the death of her family at the hands of a jealous admirer, the heroine wanders the Suffolk countryside coming across an old samurai sword which holds memories of ancient Japan. The sword gives her the strength to explore her tangled emotions and leads her to seek revenge for her lost family.

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'The plot is quite unusual,' said Anna. 'I wanted to make a samurai film with a strong female lead for a change. I filmed a lot of the scenes at an old farmhouse in Suffolk which is full of junk. The farmhouse and the countryside made a fantastic film set. We even staged flashbacks to Japan out there. The film does have an element of violence too, but I wanted it to push people.'