'I thought I was paranoid': Student, 20, caught Covid TWICE

Mia Childs is moving on from her Covid ordeal 

Mia Childs is moving on from her Covid ordeal - Credit: Mia Childs

When Mia Childs caught coronavirus before lockdown in 2020 - she thought she was one of the unlucky ones. 

But having got it again in July - this time causing the loss of her smell and taste - the performing arts student was left "anxious and extremely stressed". 

Mia, from Costessey, had to put back her end-of-year exams last March because she was so poorly. 

She said: “Back then knowledge of Covid and the testing system wasn't very established. But I made the decision to put back my first year exams because I was so unwell. 

"It was so upsetting because I had worked so hard for them."

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Mia says her stance on the vaccine has changed after it protected her parents - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

But despite being very unwell with all of the symptoms, Mia was told she couldn't be properly tested because she had not travelled outside the country. 

The second time she caught the virus, in summer this year, Mia was home with her family instead of at university in Brighton. 

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She said: "It gave me a huge sense of guilt as I didn’t want to be responsible for anybody getting ill.

"I was so stressed and anxious. To be honest when I first started getting symptoms I thought I was being paranoid.

"Afterwards I lost my sense of taste and smell which thankfully is back now. I still struggle with some exercise though.

“This time, isolating affected my mental health a lot."

She added that being unwell had changed her view on the vaccine: “Luckily my parents were vaccinated, I had to isolate with them, but they did not catch the virus. 

“I do believe the vaccine played a part in protecting them.” 

She said that despite getting Covid twice she still doesn't feel safe. 

She said: “It has made me almost more anxious when I go out as I am more aware of catching it and who I am around. 

“I am making sure more than ever that I do not touch my face and I am constantly sanitising.”

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