Norwich student bars rewarded for responsible drinking

Drinking responsibly is the phrase increasingly linked with the drinking of alcohol but not always with the drinking of alcohol by university students.

However student bars at the University of East Anglia have been praised by a national scheme for its promotion of responsible drinking on its campus.

The Union of UEA Students has been awarded accreditation by the Best Bar None Scheme for its hard work on the issue.

Best Bar None is a national award supported by the Home Office, police and Norfolk County Council aimed at promoting responsible management and operation of alcohol sales in licensed premises.

It is the second time the UEA Union bars have been awarded the accreditation, and the Union sees it as: 'part of an ongoing process of meeting its members and customers expectations to responsibly serve alcohol in a vibrant, safe and professionally managed environment.'

To gain this award the Union Bars had to show they have comprehensive control when selling alcohol to its student customers and that staff received clear unambiguous instruction and guidance on the law and practice of safe alcohol sales.

Tom Dolton, communications officer for the Union of UEA students added: 'We are delighted that we achieved this award. We hope it shows to both students and the local community that we are committed to ensuring our bars are striving for excellence.'