Norwich street light switch off to start next month - and full list of roads set to be affected

Street lights will start being switched off in the early hours in Norwich from next month, council bosses have revealed.

Norfolk County Council wants to turn out 27,000 street lights across the county between midnight and 5am (1am and 6am in British Summer Time) to cut carbon emissions and save �167,000.

Of those street lights, 5,900 in Norwich are due for switch off and families have, over the past few months, been sent letters giving them one final chance to make the case for the lights not to be switched off.

And, having worked their way through the responses received so far, the county council has revealed lights in the north of the city will start going out next month.

The first roads where lights will go out are Blickling Road, Oulton Road, Ives Road, Spencer Road, Clabon Road, Clabon First Close, Clabon Second Close, Clabon Third Close and Partridge Way.

Work will start in those streets on July 4 and other streets will follow, as contractor Amey replaces or installs the street lights.

John Birchall, spokesman for Norfolk County Council, said the views of families had been listened to and, in some cases, lights had been spared the axe.

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He said: 'It is absolutely worth people making the points about specific issues in their streets because they know those streets better than anyone else.'

Reasons for exemption included streets with CCTV cameras, traffic-calming measures, roads with high traffic flow and those where police say crime could be increased as a result, or where reducing crime will be affected.

Meanwhile, people in the west of Norwich have until Friday, June 17 to make the case for why their lights should stay on.

Claire Stephenson, leader of the Green group at Norwich City Council and a councillor for Nelson ward, urged families to have their say. She said: 'We are concerned about plans for a large-scale switch-off. The county council does need to find ways of reducing carbon emissions from lighting, but Green Party councillors believe that this plan is too crude. 'There are many parts of Norwich where people's working patterns and crime levels means that it would not be appropriate to turn off the lights at night.

'Green Party councillors are pressing for the council to ask residents to opt-in where they want and to abandon the plans in streets where most residents are opposed.'

Lights have already been switched off in other parts of the county, including in Wymondham and Hethersett.

Norfolk police say there has been no noticeable increase in crime in those areas.

But critics have said Norwich is not comparable with market towns and turning off the lights in the city could lead to increased crime, or fear of crime.

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Are the lights set to go out where I live?

Here is a list of the streets the county council proposed for lights to be switched off for part of the night:


Abbot Road; Abinger Way; Albury Walk; Allandale Road; Amderley Drive; Arnold Miller Close; Ashby Street; Astell Road; Atmere Close; Aurania Avenue; Avebury Road

Barnesdale Road; Beatty Road; Bessemer Road; Birkdale; Boileau Close; Boniface Close; Bowman Road; Bradenham Way; Branksome Close; Branksome Road; Brentwood; Brian Avenue; Broadhurst Road; Buckland Rise; Burhill Close

Camberley Road; Carlyle Road; Carnoustie; Carshalton Road; Chandlers Court; Cherry Close; Chestnut Hill; Cheyham Mount; Christopher Close; Churston Close; Claremont Road; Coleburn Road; Conesford Drive; Constable Road; Corton Road; Cranage Road; Cranleigh Rise; Cricket Ground Road; Cyprus Street

Danby Close; Denmead Road; Doman Road; Duckett Close; Duverlin Close

Ebbisham Drive; Eleanor Road; Ellcar Rise; Elstead Close; Elveden Close; Elwyn Road

Fairmile Close; Fitzgerald Road; Fountains Road; Friar Tuck Road; Fulford Close; Fulton Close

Geoffrey Road; Glenalmond; Goldwell Road; Gordon Square; Greenwood Road; Grove Avenue; Grove Walk

Hall Road Service Road; Hardwick Close; Harford Street; Harry Perry Close; Harwood Road; Hatton Road; Havant Close; Hobart Lane; Hobart Square; Hollis Lane; Hornor Close; Hospital Lane; Hughenden Road

Ingram Court; Ipswich Grove; Ipswich Road Service Road; Irving Road

Josephine Close

Kensington Place; Keyes Close; Keyes Road; Kingsley Road; Kingswood Close; Kirklees

Lady Betty Road; Lady Mary Road; Lakenfields; Lakenham Road Service Road; Langham Place; Latimer Road; Lime Tree Road; Lindford Drive; Lindley Street; Little John Road; Locksley Road; Lowther Road; Lyhart Road

Maid Marian Road; Manthorpe Close; Marston Lane; Mendham Close; Merrow Gardens; Mill Close; Milton Close

Netherwood Green; Newton Close; Norton Drive; Nuffield Close

Old Hall Road. Old Lakenham Hall Drive; Osbert Close

Parsons Mead; Patricia Road; Penshurt Mews; Peterkin Road; Plantsman Close; Purtingay Close; Pyrford Drive

Randolf Road; Robin Hood Road; Rosslare; Rowington Road; Rowland Court

Saint Albans Road; Scarlet Road; Sherwood Road; Sigismund Road; Smithfield Road; Statham Close; Stratford Close; Stratford Drive

Tamarind Mews; The Walnuts; Theobald Road; Townsend Road; Trafalgar Street; Tuckswood Lane

Wakehurst Close; Walton Road; Watkin Road; Waverley Road; Webdell Court; Welsford Road; Wentworth Green; Wilby Road; Wood Street.


Aldryche Road; Anthony Drive; Antingham Road

Barclay Green; Barclay Road; Barnes Close; Beaconsfield Road; Bell Road; Bellingham Court; Branford Road

Campbell Court; Cedar Road; Chalk Hill Road; Chipperfield Road; Churchill Road; Churchman Road; Cintra Road; Clancy Road; Colls Road; Cotman Road; Cozens Road; Cremorne Lane; Croftholme Way; Crome Road; Cubitt Road

Dugard Avenue

Ella Road

Fallowfield Close; Fern Hill; Finch Close; Firwood Close; Fugill Green; Fugill Road

Garrett Court; Gawdy Road; Gerald Close; Gilman Road; Glendenning Road; Goulburn Road; Graham Square; Gravelfield Close; Gunn Road

Hanly Close; Harbour Road; Heathside Road; High Green; Holmes Close; Holmwood Rise; Hooker Road; Hooper Lane; Kempe Close; Knowsley Road

Ladbrooke Place; Lavengro Road; Leopard Court; Lishman Road; Lloyd Road

Maltby Court; Manby Road; Marlborough Road; Marryat Road; Matlock Road; Mill Lane; Moorland Close; Morse Avenue; Morse Road; Mossfield Close

Newbegin Road; Nightingale Lane; Noble Close; Northcote Road

Orchard Close

Paine Road; Peacock Street; Plaford Road; Porson Road; Purland Road; Redfern Close; Redfern Road; Riley Close; Riseway Close; Romany Road

Saint Matthews Road; Saint Olaves Road; Sale Road; Samuel Road; Sandholme Close; Scott Road; Sienna Mews; Silver Street; Springfield Road; St Pauls Square; Stan Petersen Close; Stanley Avenue; Steepgreen Close; Steward Street; Supple Close

The Ridgeway; Thurling Plain; Timothy Close

Valley Side Road; Vancouver Road; Venables Close; Vincent Road

Wellesley Avenue South; William Mear Gardens; Williamson Close; Willis Street; Wilson Road; Windmill Court; Windmill Road; Witard Close; Wodehouse Street; Womersley Close; Womersley Road; Woodforde Road; Woodrow Place


Acland Mews; Albany Road; Alma Terrace; Anmer Close; Appleyard Crescent; Ardney Rise; Arminghall Close; Ash Grove; Audax Road; Aylesbury Close; Aylsham Way.

Bassingham Road; Baxter Court; Beaufort Close; Beech Drive; Bentley Way; Berners Close; Blackburn Road; Blackthorn Close; Blakes Court; Blickling Road; Blomefield Road; Blyth Road; Boardman Close; Bolingbroke Road; Boot Binders Road; Braeford Close; Brasier Road; Brightwell Road; Brockwell Court; Bryony Close; Burges Road; Bussey Road.

Capps Road; Catherine Wheel Opening; Catton View Court; Chamberlin Road; Chambers Road; Civic Gardens; Clabon First Close; Clabon Road; Clabon Second Close; Clabon Third Close; Clarke Road; Clickers Road; Clovelly Drive; Collins Court; Constitution Opening; Cossgrove Close; Curtis Road.

Dakin Road; Dalrymple Way; De Caux Road; Denton Road; Dogwood Road; Duff Road.Eustace Road.

Fenn Crescent; Fiddle Wood Road; Finishers Road; Foster Road.

Galley Hill; Gamecock Close; Gateley Gardens; George Pope Close; George Winter Court; Glenmore Gardens; Gowing Court.

Half Mile Close; Half Mile Road; Hansard Close; Hansard Road; Harry Watson Court; Hartbee Road; Heath Road; Heyford Road; Hillmead; Hunter Road.

Ives Road.

Jewson Road.

Knights Road.

Lawson Road; Leonards Street; Lilburne Avenue; Lime Kiln Mews; Lintock Road; Long Row; Lorraine Gardens; Losinga Crescent.

Marshall Road; Massingham Road; Middleton Close; Mill Croft.

Oak Lane; Old Grove Court; Oulton Road; Oxnead Road

Palmer Close; Parr Road; Partridge Way; Pearcefield; Pembrey Close; Penn Grove; Pennyroyal; Pinder Close; Pinder Road.

Rackham Road; Rectory Court; Red Cottage Close; Rocelin Close; Rosebay Close; Rosebery Road; Rostwold Way; Rye Avenue; Rye Close.

Saint Edmunds Close; Sewell Road; Shipstone Road; Southerwood; Spencer Road; Spindle Road; Spynke Road; Starling Road; Stirling Road; Suckling Avenue; Suffield Court; Sunderland Close.

Tanager Close; Tansay Close; Taylors Buildings; Temple Road; Tillett Road; Tillett Road East; Traverse St; Tremaine Close; Trilithorn Close.

Vale Green; Valpy Avenue; Vicarage Road.

Weston Road; Wheeler Road; Whitehouse Court; Whitethorn Close; Whitley Close; Wild Road; Woodruff Close; Woodward Road.


Albemarle Road; Alexandra Road; Alnwick Court; Ambleside Close; Arderon Court; Armes Crescent; Astley Road; Atthill Road; Augustus Hare Drive

Bacon Road; Bateman Close; Bates Green; Bathurst Road; Beaumont Close; Bek Close; Belvedere Place; Belvoir Street; Bendish Way; Bensley Road; Beverley Close; Bixley Close; Bladewater Road; Blakeney Close; Bond Street; Braithwaite Close; Bramfield Close; Brampton Court; Brennewater Mews; Brerton Close; Briar Court; Brightys Opening; Bristol Terrace; Browne Street; Bumpstede Court; Bury Street; Buttercup Way; Buttermere Road

Cadge Close; Cadge Mews; Caernarvon Road; Calthorpe Road; Camborne Close; Cardiff Road; Caroline Court; Castleton Close; Causeway Close; Charles Watling Way; Chester Street; Church Close; Clarendon Road; Coach House Court; Coniston Close; Connaught Road; Cooke Close; Corie Road; Courtenay Close; Craske Mews; Crocodile Court; Crooks Place; Crummock Road; Cunningham Road; Cutler Way

Dacre Close; Darrell Place; De Hague Road; Dell Crescent; Denbigh Road; Dersley Court; Dolphin Grove; Doris Road; Douglas Haig Road; Dover Street, Downing Mews; Draper Way; Drury Close; Durham Street

Eagle Walk; Edgeworth Road; Edinburgh Road; Edrich Way; Edward Gambling Court; Elizabeth Fry Road; Essex Street

Fairfax Road; Fellowes Close; Fieldview; Finchley Coirt; Fitzhenry Mews; Foxley Close; Freeman Square; Freshfield Close; Friends Road; Fuller Mews

Gentry Place; George Fox Way; Girton Road; Gladstone Street; Gloucester Street; Goodhale Road; Goodman Square; Gould Road; Grange Road; Grant Street; Grasmere Close; Gristock Place; Grosvenor Road; Guardian Road Service Road; Gunton Road

Half Moon Way; Hanbury Close; Hancock Court; Hankin Court; Hanover Road; Harbord Road; Harry Barber Close; Harsnett Close; Havelock Road; Hearne Court; Helena Road; Helford Street; Hellesdon Close; Hemlin Close; Hemmings Close; Henderson Road; Henley Road; Highland Avenue; Highland Road; Hill Street; Hodgson Road; Holly Drive; Holworthy Road; Horning Close; Horsford Street; Hotblack Road; Houghton Close; Howlett Drive; Hudson Way; Humbleyard; Hutchinson Road

Ivory Road

Jamieson Place; Jarrold Way; Jasmine Close; Jay Gardens; Jex Avenue; Jex Lane; Jex Road; Jordans Close

Keable Close; Kennett Close; Kinghorn Road; Kingston Square

Langton Close; Layer Close; Le Strange Close; Leewood Crescent; Leicester Street; Leng Crescent; Leopold Close; Leopold Road; Lincoln Street; Lisle Road; Little Armes Street; Livingstone Street; Lound Road; Lubbock Close; Lusher Rise; Lushington Close

Malbrook Road; Maple Drive; Maud Street; Mavish Close; Mayes Close; Meadow Rise Avenue; Meadow Rise Close; Meadow Rise Road; Melrose Road; Merton Road; Milford Road; Mitchell Court; Montgomery Close; Morello Close; Morgan Way; Mornington Road; Morris Close; Mosely Court; Mottram Close; Mount Pleasant; Muriel Road

Nasmith Road; Neville Street; Nicholas Mews; Nile Street; Noot Alley; Norgate Road; North Park Drive; Notykin Street

Old Laundry Road; Onley Street; Osborne Road

Parker Road; Paxton Place; Peck Close; Pembroke Road; Penryn Close; Peto Court; Pettus Road; Peverell Road; Pitchford Road; Pollywiggle Close; Portland Street; Primula Drive; Priscilla Close; Purdance Close

Queens Close

Rachel Close; Rafeman Close; Ramsey Close; Rawley Road; Reydon Close; Richenda Close; Rimer Close; Ripley Close; Rogers Close; Rolleston Close; Rose Valley; Rugge Drive; Runcton Close; Ruskin Road; Russell Street; Russet Grove; Rutland Street; Rydal Close

St Mildreds Road; St Philips Road; St Stephens Square; St Thomas Road; Salter Avenue; Sandringham Road; Sarah Williman Close; Sayers Street; Scarnell Road; Seabrook Court; Shepherd Close; Skoner Road; Skye Close; Smeat Street; Sotherton Road; Speedwell Way; Speke Street; Spelman Road; Stafford Street; Stannard Road; Sukey Way; Sumpter Road; Swafield Street; Swansea Road; Sycamore Crescent

Taylor Road; Thacker Way; The Butts; The Cedars; The Colombine; The Crofts; The Runnell; The Swale; Thistle Close; Thurlby Road; Thurston Close; Tippett Close; Tizzick Close; Toftes Place; Tollhouse Road; Trix Road; Truman Close

Upton Close; Upton Road

Waddington Street; Wakefield Road; Walcott Close; Waring Road; Warwick Street; Waterman Road; Webster Close; Wellington Road; Wenman Court; Westgate Close; Wheatley Road; White Rose Close; Whitehall Road; Wilkins Court; Winchcomb Road; Winsford Way, Winter Road; Woodhill Rise; Wordsworth Road; Wortham Close; Wren Close; Wrench Road; Wycliffe Road

Yaxley Way