Norwich SOS bus not caught short by Bennetts collapse

The Norwich SOS Bus Project will not be hit by the collapse of local retailer Bennetts, who currently own one of the scheme's prime advertising spots.

The successful charitable project own a cabin at the top of Prince of Wales Road which they use as a base.

One side of the cabin is emblazoned with Bennetts signage and is in an excellent advertising position for passing traffic.

But Bennetts going into administration will not affect the SOS bus financially as the Norfolk electrical goods retailer had paid for its year's advertising space in advance.

However, that does mean a prime advertising spot will soon be up for grabs and Sarah Mintey, principal of the Open Youth Trust who run the service, is keen to speak to interested advertisers.

She said: 'If people want to talk to us about the advertising space then we would be happy because it all goes to charity.

'We have got two firms who are interested in buying this prominent advertising space already. It was just disappointing for Bennetts that this has happened, there are no repercussions for us.'