Norwich skin specialist’s DIY face mask recipe

Skin specialist Louise Thomas-Minns shows you how to make your own natural face mask as part of the Life Matters DIY makeover series.

Most people are thinking about detoxing in January after an excessive Christmas, though while the obvious resolutions are drink less and eat healthier, have you thought of giving your skin a detox?

Skin therapist, Louise Thomas-Minns, founder of the bespoke signature 'U and Your Skin' facial, shares her facial detox recipe below, which will help flush out your pores with natural ingredients, and help treat winter skin, which is lacking in essential fats and has become dry, tight and irritated.

Says Louise: 'This is a simple fool-proof recipe, and all the ingredients should already be in your cupboard.

'Mix together some plain, natural yogurt, some oats & and a teaspoon of warmed honey. Just sit your teaspoon in a mug of boiling water before scooping out your honey from the jar as this will warm it sufficiently.

'Smooth over a clean face / neck and leave for at least ten minutes before removing, gently with a clean wash cloth & hydrating with your recommended moisturiser.

'The yoghurt contains lactic acid which will gently dissolve the dead cells, oats are great for calming & soothing skin & honey is a naturally hydrating humectants. Always test your mask on your wrist for a few minutes before applying it to your face to ensure there is no negative reaction & avoid the honey if your skin is very oily or problem prone.'

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Louise has recently opened the U and Your Skin Lounge in Norwich Lanes on Bridewell Alley.

For more tips on how you can give yourself a new look see the Life Matters pages in today's paper (Monday January 30).