Norwich Skin Lounge gives 10 tips to detox your skin for 2012

Over the next few weeks Norwich skin specialist Louise Thomas-Minns will be giving her advice on how to get your skin in tip top shape this year.

Many people have started their ritual January detox in a bid to repent for their gluttonous excess over Christmas. But can a quick detox ever be beneficial in the long run?

Louise Thomas-Minns, Norwich skin Therapist and founder of the 'U and Your Skin' bespoke facial, thinks so.

Says Louise: 'It can be constructive to cut out the following from the diet for a period of 7-28 days: alcohol, sugar, wheat, dairy, processed foods and meat, and replace with lots of water, fruit juices/smoothies, oily fish, nuts and seeds and a diet abundant in a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. 'Extreme supplementation detox packages where you are forcing the body to go through a process of elimination, I don't advocate. Instead you should approach the philosophy of a healthier routine as a way of life, not just a quick fix, to try and rectify a time of overindulgence and abuse to our bodies.

'Detoxifying the body, also has great benefits to the skin, and therefore I recommend the following to help gain a clearer, brighter complexion'.

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1. Drink hot water with a wedge of lemon and some grated ginger at the start and end of your day.

2. Take milk thistle supplement to support the liver.

3. Dry skin brush before every shower, upwards and towards the heart.

4. Visit the steam room in the gym – great for the face (Avoid if you have high blood pressure, sensitive/vascular skin or severe acne.

5. Obviously - reduce alcohol, sugar and processed foods. These are 'thieves of youth!', and moderation with help increase 'free radicals' within the body.

6. Eat your greens…and broccoli, spinach, berries, peppers, raw nuts and seeds. These are just some of natures best anti oxidants, free radical fighting foods.

7. Get a good nights sleep

8. Workout your face not just your body! There are 98 facial muscles all of which, if exercised in the correct way regularly can maintain definition and tone. You can even gain a skinny chin, plump cheeks and the perfect pout!

9. Drink green and white tea 2-4 times a day. These are packed with high levels of Polyphenols which protect the skin cells from damage.

10. Stress less. Over time your body will release hormones that are conducive to assisting in the ageing process with lines and wrinkles becoming etched onto the face. Those worry lines could become a permanent fixture.

Louise has recently opened her Skin Lounge on Bridewell Alley where you can get interactive advice on your skin care. For more information visit, or call 01603 633633.

Next week Louise will be showing you men how to make the most out of a simple skin care routine. Only here on Life Matters online.