Norwich skate park vandalised just months after creation

A skate ramp that took 18 months of work to be introduced has been virtually destroyed two months later.

Thorpe St Andrew town council brought the ramp to Dussindale Park, Pound Lane, at the end of April, but were disappointed when vandals attacked it on Tuesday night.

Jonathan Emsell, Thorpe St Andrew town councillor and Broadland district councillor, played a key role in bringing in the ramp.

He said: 'I am very disappointed. There was 18 months work on the project to build the skate park and we have been hearing some very good things about the number of children using it.'

He added: 'There was a big feeling the skate park would give them something extra to do as opposed to hanging around.'

The council had previously hired ramps for community events, but decided it would be more cost effective to have one built by local contractor The Construction Co.

It was introduced at the end of April, but was recently moved to a different part of the recreation ground. It was damaged days later.

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Steven Ford, town clerk, said: 'The ramp had been on the grassed area in front of the Fitzmaurice Pavilion but was moved at the weekend to a new location next to a youth shelter after health and safety concerns raised by cricket clubs and the playgroup that use the pavilion daily.'

Mr Emsell said that the council would look again at where the best place for the ramp is. He added that it would cost a 'couple of hundred pounds' to repair the damage. The ramp initially cost �500, and is expected to cost �200 each year to maintain.

Mr Emsell said: 'We have spent money to get it up and it is going to cost a lot of money to be used again.

'My long-term plan for Thorpe St Andrew is to put something more permanent in as a youth area, but it is very difficult for me to get agreement from the town council if they see this happening.'

He added that it also took a number of volunteers to be able to move the ramp.

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