Norwich Sheriffs current and future share culture vision

Mary HamiltonThe Sheriff of Norwich has shared his vision for the city's cultural future - and his successor has vowed to continue the good work during his time in office.Support Norwich on FacebookOfficial Norwich 2013 bid websiteMary Hamilton

The Sheriff of Norwich has shared his vision for the city's cultural future - and his successor has vowed to continue the good work during his time in office.

Professor Tim O'Riordan said his work as Sheriff was to enhance the friendly, creative nature of Norwich, which he saw as a vital part of the bid to be UK City of Culture in 2013.

He said: 'I am aiming to make Norwich a liveable and friendly city with less traffic in the streets, with a lower carbon economy and with more scope for people to walk and talk together, and to be safe.

'That would allow culture to flourish in the city - conventional culture, arts, crafts and also people working together to create a low carbon city, which is putting us ahead of any other city.

'I am also working to try to get young people involved with their communities, doing something useful at the same time as learning and creating an enjoyable environment.

'Young people's opportunities are an essential part of developing Norwich and they should be a part of the City of Culture bid.

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'This is an opportunity to promote a new way of living in the city. I think these things give our bid distinction and make it more rounded and different to our competitors.

'If we win, first of all Norwich will be placed on the map of the whole of the UK as a city which is special.

'Culture is about ways of living and showing we can take a lead would be a real plus for Norwich. We would be setting a marker for new ways of thinking about culture.

'The bid is not just about getting recognition - it's about creating new, better conditions and a whole new approach to life.'

Professor O'Riordan will be stepping down as Sheriff in May.

His successor, joint Evening News and EDP features editor Derek James, said: 'Norwich is often referred to as a hidden gem - the time has come to polish that gem so brightly that it dazzles the rest of the country.

'We are fortunate to live in a city with a rich and colourful past and an incredibly exciting future.

'The enormous amount of support that our bid to become the UK's City of Culture has generated is evidence that we are all so proud of Norwich and what it has to offer.

'People of all ages and from all walks of life have come together to sing the praises of our fine and unique city.

'I feel humble to have been asked to become Sheriff of Norwich during this exciting year and I will do everything in my power to support this important campaign.

'We know we already live in a city of culture - now we have to spread the word and shout the message from the rooftops so the rest of the country can hear us.'

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