Norwich serviceman wears uniform to work to celebrate armed forces

Service men and women across the country were publicly seen as heroes when they wore their service uniform to work in their civilian jobs yesterday.

Uniform to work day was part of the build up to Armed Forces Day, which celebrates the role of reserves and shows people the armed forces are made of people from the whole community.

Reservist Corporal Brenden Plane, a personal trainer from Norwich has been part of RAF Marham's 2620 Squadron for 12 years.

He went on operation to Basra as part of Operation Telic in 2003 and 2005.

He said: 'Not many people are aware of the reserves. The day is about making people aware that some people in civilian jobs are in the reserves.

'My clients know about my military life, it is a selling point for the business. I had a few more booked in yesterday to be trained when I was in uniform.'

The 29-year-old runs his own mobile personal training business, Anglia Fitness. Before joining the reserves, Cpl Plane was an Air Cadet at Norwich based 231 Squadron.

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'I started my business in 2008. Before that I was a fitness instructor at Greens gym. I did a degree in sports science and wanted to make a career out of fitness.

'I train about 20 clients a week and some have three or four sessions,' he said.

Cpl Plane said the air force taught him skills such as leadership and confidentiality which he can apply to his personal training career.

'We are pushed to the limit to work hard in environments which some people wouldn't be able to cope with. If the tough gets going, I know how to deal with it.

'We have people in the squadron who work nine to five and some who are self employed. Anyone can do it.'

As part of the squadron, Cpl Plane trains every Wednesday and one weekend a month. He is also required to attend a two week bootcamp every year.

Uniform to Work Day is part of the build-up to Armed Force Day, which takes place on Saturday June 25 when the public are encouraged to show their support to serving personnel and their families, reservists and veterans.