Norwich scout’s night on the street

Spending a night sleeping on the streets is enough to terrify any adult but when a young scout from Horsford was tasked with achieving his Global Challenge badge, he threw his heart and soul into the project and made some new friends along the way.

Lewis Nolan, 11, who lives in Holt Road, has been going to Horsford and St Faiths Scout group for three months.His mum, Rachael, said: 'On September 30, Lewis had to sleep in a cardboard box as part of the badge.

'It made him realise how homeless people cope.

'He came home very tired, wet and grouchy. It wasn't raining but the box was wet and horrible.'

The Hellesdon High School pupil also had to investigate the international issue of homelessness and asked his mum to take him to Bishop Bridge House homeless shelter off Gas Hill, Norwich to find out more. Lewis said: 'My mum arranged for me to go to the Norwich shelter to meet people who really do endure this life.

'I met my new friends Phil and Scott, who are both 20-years-old and have both been homeless for four years.

'We spent a couple of hours together telling stories laughing and joking.'

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Mrs Nolan added: 'I would say he has taken a lot from it.

'He has learnt not to take things for granted.'