Norwich school’s taste of Zimbabwean zest

Pupils from a Norwich school got down Zimbabwe style.

Stoke Holy Cross Primary School on Long Lane, Stoke Holy Cross, hosted the vibrant character of Zimbabwean musician Chartwell Dutiro on Wednesday October 19. He took assembly, entertaining the whole school with songs in his native tongue of Shona about hyenas and wild birds, playing his collection of mbira thumb pianos and answering questions about his country and its culture.

Mr Dutiro took classes throughout the day, giving the children the chance to try out his musical instruments and teaching them a song in Shona. They also learnt words and phrases.

Mrs Lou O'Grady, Deputy Head of the school, said: 'It was a very loud assembly, but it was lovely to have a visitor in the school rather than going out on a trip, as the whole school got involved. It is really important for Norfolk schools to embrace a wider culture, we are a bit isolated out here and they probably won't have met someone like him before.

'It's going to benefit all areas of the curriculum. It also feeds in nicely with the language work we do, we learn French and German but I'm sure the parents will be surprised by some of the words the kids will be taking home.

'I'm sure they'll all be singing over teatime.'

Above: Zimbabwean musician hartwell Dutiro showing traditional African instruments to youngsters at Stoke Holy Cross primary school. Photo: Bill Smith