Norwich's two MPs pledge to work together

Kim BriscoeNorwich's two elected MPs have pledged to work together closely to ensure they get the best for Norwich.Kim Briscoe

Norwich's two elected MPs have pledged to work together closely to ensure they get the best for Norwich.

Less than a year ago, both of Norwich's parliamentary seats were held by Labour politicians but now the city has turned its back on red in favour of yellow and blue.

And while David Cameron, leader of the Conservatives, seeks to strike a deal with Nick Clegg's party to form a government, in Norwich there is already a Tory MP and Lib Dem MP forging an alliance for the best interests of their constituents.

With Conservative Chloe Smith re-elected to represent Norwich North, and Liberal Democrat Simon Wright becoming the new MP for Norwich South, the pair have vowed to use their combined power to further the city's cause.

Miss Smith, speaking following her victory at the polls, said: 'I'm looking forward in the meantime to working with all of the new Norfolk MPs in the region and the continuing MPs. It's important to have a strong relationship across Norfolk and I'm looking forward to working with Simon Wright to make that happen.

'It's important to get on and make sure we all serve Norwich and Norwich well.'

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Simon Wright, said he absolutely agreed with Miss Smith on the need for Norwich's two MPs, and those across Norfolk, to lobby together on behalf of the city, county and region.

He said: 'I very much supporting working across party lines in order to generate a better deal for local people. I think that Norfolk has been, over a very long period, underinvested in in terms of infrastructure. This is particularly the case with transport links like the A11 and the failure to get it dualled and the need for more improvements to our rail services.'

He said these issues, and others such as better broadband, were all goals that politicians could champion the need for together.

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