Norwich’s heritage watchdog launches online forum

Heritage watchdog the Norwich Society has launched an online forum on its website where people can post their opinions and concerns about the city.

The forum starts with a debate on the spread of the night-time economy and street clutter, and feedback will be passed on to Norwich City Council.

Society administrator Vicky Manthorpe said they carried out an environmental streetscape audit earlier this year, which found the proliferation of 'A' advertising boards in the city centre, especially along Gentleman's Walk, was getting worse.

She said: 'We wanted to highlight the spread of these boards throughout Norwich and find out what people think of them. It's not against the law to put them up, but when there are so many of them in public walkways, it can be difficult for the infirm, disabled and young mothers with prams to negotiate.

'The society would like to see Norwich City Council looking at the regulations on outdoor advertising and signs to see if anything can be done to reduce this blight.' The society is also highlighting the spread of the night-time economy from designated areas such as Riverside and Prince of Wales Road to other parts of the city centre.

Mrs Manthorpe added: 'It seems to be spreading to neighbouring areas and there does not seem to be much control over it.

'There are a lot more people now living in the city centre, and it's not nice to see people drinking too much.'

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Norwich Society chairman Professor Derek Burke said its website,, was becoming increasingly important for posting reports and reactions. He added: 'This new web forum is a natural progression but also a great way to stimulate dialogue about some localised but highly important civic issues.'

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