Norwich’s Charlie Chaplin competes in the World Living Statue championships

Kings and Queens from years gone by were there, the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland was there and Norwich's very own Charlie Chaplin was there at the World Living Statue Championships which were held in Arnhem last weekend.

Antony Arnold, who performs as Charlie Chaplin in Gentleman's Walk took his act to Holland to compete with the greatest living statues in the world.

As part of the competition, the statues were given three patches in the city where they had to stand for around 40 minutes to an hour. More than 150 statues took part.

The 43-year-old from Eade Road, north city, said: 'I did one stint of 40 minutes, one of an hour and a half and one for 20 minutes. I had a really good space in the city centre near the church.'

Although he did not win, Mr Arnold enjoyed the experience and is keen to return next year with a new act he has been busy planning with his friend.

'I will definitely go back next year and do it again. It went well - I dropped my stick a couple of times. I saw lots of people from a competition I took part in earlier this year in Belgium, Living Statue Day. Everyone enjoys themselves at these sorts of things. I also saw the person who won the international championships last year, I shared a room with him in Belgium.

'I have got something physically much bigger than Charlie - there's two of us who will go next year.'

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Mr Arnold was welcomed home on Monday by his 10-year-old daughter, Flora.

He added: 'I spent all my spare time posing for photographs. I have entered before, around six years ago.'

The competition was won by Jaime Jurio with his act the Crash which saw him pose in a falling position. Other entries included children posing as angels and sailors.

The competition was open to children, amateurs and professionals.

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