Stamp the Royal Mail Dog has graduated to ‘big school’

Stamp, the guide dog sponsored by Royal Mail Norwich has completed his initial training and is moving onto 'big school'

Stamp, the guide dog sponsored by Royal Mail Norwich has completed his initial training and is moving onto 'big school' - Credit: Angela Travis

Staff at Royal Mail’s Norwich plant have been raising money for Guide Dogs UK and have sponsored a puppy which they’ve appropriately named Stamp.  

To date, the company has made more than £10,000 which has been achieved through donations made by people who make use of their car park for match days at Norwich City Football Club.  

Last week Stamp made her final visit to the Norwich Royal Mail plant as she will be moving to Reading to complete the next part of her training and then be paired with someone who needs her.

Angela Travis, plant Manager at Norwich Royal Mail, said: “I am so happy that we can share with the football supporters where their money has gone.  

“It has been lovely because they have all been so interested, when they park up, they regularly ask us for updates on Stamp.” 

Angela has been lucky to meet Stamp five times as she has been placed in Harleston for the first part of her training.  

She said: “Because she was so close, it meant that I’ve been able to get lots of updates which in turn, I can pass on to our staff. 

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“We have been able to really see what the donations have done to make a difference.” 

The Norwich Royal Mail plant has always tried to help charity, but they used to have a list where there were different charities, but two years ago they made the decision to solely help Guide Dogs UK.  

Angela said: “Once we had contacted Guide Dogs UK, they sent down some owners and their guide dogs so they were able to meet our staff and tell them how they got their dogs, and how much of an impact they have made on their lives. 

“It’s an incredible thing to be able to do, it’s helping to give someone a pair of eyes in a sense.” 

Plans are already in place for another puppy who will be named Ronda in memory of an employee's wife who lost her life during the pandemic.  

Angela said: “I would like to thank all of the football supports and our own staff for their continued support, they really have done a fantastic job.” 

If anyone would like to make a donation you should contact Angela Travis at the Royal Mail Norwich plant.