Norwich rap artist El releases new track that has become an internet hit

Norwich rap artist El releases new track Sauce on the Spill. Picture: Elliot Mace

Norwich rap artist El releases new track Sauce on the Spill. Picture: Elliot Mace - Credit: Elliot Mace

A Norwich rap artist has released a brand new track that has become a bit of an internet sensation.

The track, by Norwich rapper El, is titled Sauce on the Spill and was released in September this year.

It is about ‘being so saucy that it is literally spilling everywhere. Whether it be the way you’re dressed, having a good day or simply feeling good about yourself, you’ve got Sauce On Spill’.

Thanks to El’s (Elliot Mace) clever marketing, the release of his very own purple sauce, the song gained traction online and via social media garnering nearly 50,000 views on YouTube within the first two weeks.

A video posted to social media platform Tik Tok has over 122,000 views with everyone in the comment section intrigued as to what the sauce is all about.

Norwich rap artist El releases new track Sauce on the Spill. Picture: Elliot Mace

Norwich rap artist El releases new track Sauce on the Spill. Picture: Elliot Mace - Credit: Elliot Mace

The visuals to accompany the song are bright, engaging and entertaining throughout, filmed in locations such as Notting Hill, London and Mace’s hometown, Norwich.

“When I first heard the beat I used for Sauce On Spill, I knew I could make a banger out of it,” explains El.

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“I wrote and recorded the track and sat on it for a bit. People I showed the track to would always ask me when am I going to drop it, that the song was too good to just go to waste and collect dust. So one day I woke up and thought let’s get this done!”

“I wanted to create a unique video and concept behind it. Then I came up with the sauce. I knew it would make people intrigued and it worked. People ask me everyday about the sauce, whether it’s real or if it’s paint, what flavour it is and if they can purchase it. It’s crazy how much attention it’s created for Sauce On Spill. The most common question I get asked about the sauce is what flavour the sauce is. Now that I keep a secret!”

Elliot Mace first started his rap career at the age of 16 where he began rapping with his friends on his estate. Family and friends quickly noticed his talent and pushed him to start releasing his own music.

Having released multiple freestyle videos onto YouTube, filmed on his phone, he then decided to head into the music studio to record his tracks Bang and Hometown.

“I’ve been rapping for years, perfecting my craft. I even went to Access to Music (now called Access Creative College) in Norwich for three years studying music performance, learning about the music business and marketing,” adds Mace.

“People always ask how I haven’t blown yet, why I haven’t made it, but it’s all down to the consistency in which I release music. Consistency has always been a problem for me due to many reasons. It took me a long time to realise that an organic long lasting fanbase doesn’t just come overnight, it takes years of releasing good music consistently to be able to achieve that.”

“I would always release a song, it wouldn’t do very well and then I’d just go back to whatever I was doing and try again next year. Now I’ve released Sauce On Spill and started to receive recognition for my work. It’s given me motivation to release music way more often. I now plan to release a music video every one to two months.”

“I grew up in the Heartsease Estate in Norwich. There isn’t serious crime happening daily but 99% of youth from my estate come from nothing and want to make something of themselves but because of bad guidance, end up going the wrong way about it. I want to prove that no matter where you’re from, anything is possible.”

“I’m proud of where I’m from. I had a chain made of the ‘Welcome To Norwich’ sign and after my next release, Country Boy, nobody can say that to me or about me anymore, I’m proud I’m from Norwich, that’s one of the things that makes me different.”

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- The video is also available to watch on El’s YouTube channel

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