Norwich ranks seventh for most vegan-ordering cities in the UK

Biff's Big Jack burgers Photo: Biff's Kitchen

Biff's Kitchen jackfruit burgers are one of the most ordered vegan food items in Norwich - Credit: Biff's Kitchen

It appears Norwich continues to have a love for vegan food, after new research reveals it's in the top ten in the country that order the most vegan food. 

Norwich ranks seventh in the list of the most vegan ordering cities in the UK.

Brighton tops the list, followed by Bristol and Leeds.

Since November 2020, there has been a 105pc surge in people ordering plant-based foods, according to survey data commissioned by food-delivery company Deliveroo.

The favourite vegan dishes in Norwich are:

  1. The Vegan Cali Cheese with fries by Byron
  2. Vegan Royale from Burger King
  3. BASIL from Coco di Mama Kitchen
  4. Father Jack Burger from Biffs Vegan Burgers and Wingz
  5. Plant Power from Yo! Sushi

The research also revealed that 20pc of people will be ditching the traditional turkey and trimmings and choosing vegan or vegetarian options instead for Christmas dinner. 

In 2019, Norwich was named the 'most vegan-friendly city' due to the number of meat-free food choices available.