Euro 2020: Hundreds rush to grab seat to watch England game in pubs

England fans celebrate the goals against Germany in the Euros, at the Beccles Upgate. Picture: DENIS

England fans will once again be out in force to support the Three Lions in their Euro 2020 quarter final against Ukraine on Saturday night. - Credit: Denise Bradley

Pubs have been fielding hundreds of calls from fans looking to secure a seat to see England bid to win a place in the Euro 2020 semi finals. 

Landlords have been busy installing extra TV screens and more tables to accommodate a late rush in demand to catch the game against Ukraine

Phil Cutter decorates the Murderers as he prepares for the England against Ukraine football match in

Phil Cutter decorates the Murderers as he prepares for the England against Ukraine football match in the Euros 2020. - Credit: Denise Bradley

The Murderers on Timberhill in Norwich, which can accommodate 160 supporters but with tables allocated on a first-come-first-seated basis, has been packed for at least two hours before kick off throughout the Euros.

“We had people against Germany arrive at 12.30pm to stake their claim for a 5pm kick-off. And given the excitement after that match, we’re expecting even earlier for this game,” said landlord Phil Cutter.

Strict Covid guidelines mean fans have to be seated at a table with no contact with supporters at other tables, no standing without a mask and no singing or chanting.

Crowds go wild as England wins their match against Germany with a 2:0 victory . Picture: Sarah Lucy

Crowds go wild as England win 2-0 against Germany - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

The Woolpack in Golden Ball Street has added an extra outdoor screen after fielding hundreds of calls from fans. 

Manager Ian Judge said: “On the night of the Germany game we went from 10 to 15 covers booked to 300 people making enquiries, so we then obviously had to cut that down to how many we can allow in at a minute.

“The atmosphere was fantastic last time and we expect the excitement to be even greater this time. 

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“To be fair, people were quite well behaved. They get the initial enjoyment out of their system and understand what they need to do.” 

A long-time favourite of those wanting to watch sport, Rileys on Magdalen Street in Norwich is running a fanzone for England games.

Fans watch the UEFA Euro 2020 match between England and Germany

Fans celebrating England's Euro 2020 victory over Germany left screening organisers with a dilemma over enforcing Covid guidelines. - Credit: PA

Manager Emma Lemmon said: “We literally sold out in 40 minutes as soon as tickets went on sale the morning following the Germany game.

"It's been a great mix of regulars and new people seeking to find somewhere to see the game, which has been great for us as a business. 

“The atmosphere has been absolutely brilliant, really lively but people have been pretty good about the rules and behaved despite the excitement.”