Norwich pub the Ten Bells reopening today after makeover

Regulars returning to the Ten Bells pub after its month-long makeover will notice many changes - but one of the biggest will be the huge new pub sign 'X Bells' on the building.

As reported, the St Benedict's Street pub closed for a refurbishment at the start of May, and the Greene King-owned pub is reopening tonight .

Part of the building has been transformed into a whisky bar with about 100 different brands in stock, and the back bar has been shaped like the inside of a barrel.

But manager Stuart Laidlaw said it was still first and foremost a pub and, while they wanted to attract a new clientele as well as keeping the regulars, the main aim was to create a nice atmosphere where people could come in for a drink and chat in a friendly environment.

He said: 'We have redesigned the inside of the pub and painted it and redone the floors. We have also redone the lights and the decor and there's all new furniture and new bench sets for groups.

'We have stuck with the same name, which has been connected to this city since the 1700s, but the signs now say 'X Bells' instead of 'Ten Bells', which is a bit of rebranding. People have said that it's the biggest X they have seen on a sign.

'We have also kept the much-loved red phone box inside the pub, partly because it would have taken about 80 people to move it.'

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The pub dates back to the 18th century and two of its first licensees were worsted weavers.

As reported, St Benedict's Street has been enjoying something of a renaissance in recent times and is seen as the heart of alternative Norwich.

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