Norwich pub The Rose raises �1,200 for meningitis charity

A pub charity night in Norwich has raised more than �1,200 for a meningitis charity.

The fundraiser took place at The Rose pub in Queens Road on Saturday night and was raising money for the Meningitis Trust.

It included male waxing, with sponsorship being raised for the men to be waxed and even for people to 'tear a strip off'.

The pub is in the process of converting an area at the back of the bar so that a micro brewery can be installed, but it became a handy 'waxing chamber' for the evening.

Landlady Dawn Hopkins, who also runs the Ketts Tavern and Norwich Bear brewing company, said: 'It went fabulously and was an absolutely storming night.

'The guys did really well with their waxing and were mostly brave, although there was a bit of screaming and swearing.

'Everyone was very generous on the night and while there is still some sponsorship money to come in we have already raised more than �1,200.'

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The brave men who stripped off to have strips torn off them, included Matt Davis, Derek Tomkinson, Carl Newell, Eddie King, Sandy Scott, Peter Darwood, Daniel Littleboy and Ben Riches.

The night also included live music from Dougie Archer, performances by stand-up comedian and compere for the evening Jon Murfin, human jukebox Jon Christophers and a raffle.

The pub has been fundraising for The Meningitis Trust after being approached by 24-year-old Emma Hilling, from Lakenham, who was first diagnosed with meningitis in 2006.

After successfully fighting off the viral strain of the disease three times, she now aims to raise awareness about the disease as well as funds for the charity's work.