Norwich pub regulars set up band

Norwich pub regulars set up band

Marc Albutt, Peter Warsop, Tom West, Simon Baker, Lee Palmer and Pete Triumph range in age from their 20s to their 40s.

Pete Triumph, 42, bass and vocals, who lives in the city, began organising performers' nights at the Golden Star pub in Colegate last year, and said many of the local musicians started playing together in duos and forming small bands from that.

He said: 'The Golden Star is a city pub, with a real out of the city feel to it. It attracts many local artists and musicians, because of its friendly atmosphere, lively musical events, billiards table and amazing locally sourced food by Liz Polis, the chef.

'These performers' nights became a melting pot for talent and the vehicle for our band 'Electricity' to form.'

The band also consists of Lee Palmer and Simon Baker (guitar and keyboards), who have been playing with acoustic band The Clints for some years in the Golden Star and are a popular attraction, Peter Warsop (blues harp/vocals) from Runaway Mind Train, Marc Albutt (guitar) and Tom West (drums) from The Elastic Band. The six-piece rhythm and blues band are influenced by 1950s rock 'n' roll and early 1960s beat music, and play music by artists such as Dr Feelgood, Bo Diddley and Elvis Costello. Both Lee and Pete are also accomplished songwriters in their own right.

Electricity had their very first gig at the Golden Star in August and were an immediate hit with the customers. Punters say they have gone from strength to strength since then and always have a big turnout wherever they play.

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You can catch Electricity tonight from 9pm at the Golden Star; on Thursday, November 18, with blues DJ Dave Hillis, at the newly reopened Walnut Tree Shades, Norwich and on Friday, December 17 at The Coach & Horses in Bethel Street, Norwich.

You can hear live tracks on their two web pages, and