YOUR REACTION: City folk on Boris Johnson's future at number 10

Norwich folk Dylan Fyfe (left) and Chloe Dunning (right) on the latest Boris Johnson scandal

Norwich folk Dylan Fyfe (left) and Chloe Dunning (right) on the latest Boris Johnson scandal - Credit: Archant/PA

People out and about in Norwich said the news that yet another alleged secret party was held in Downing Street during lockdown was a "slap in the face" - but few were surprised. 

It comes after Boris Johnson supposedly attended a gathering in May 2020 which saw 100 people invited to the 'bring your own booze' bash. 

But out and about in the city few people were shocked by the headlines. 

This is what they had to say.

Dylan Fyfe, 20, a student from Hethersett

He said: "It is a bit of a slap in the face but I've got to say I'm not surprised.

"Boris Johnson should re-think his approach as it's just not on. 

Dylan Fyfe

Dylan Fyfe - Credit: Archant

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"Being such a public figure means you should stick to your own rules."

However he doesn't think the prime minister should step down just yet, adding: "He should certainly buck his ideas up and follow his own rules".

Joleen Easterbrook, a Norwich market stallholder

She said: "It's pretty awful - there are people stuck at home who can't see family still.

"There were people dying and he's inviting people to party.

Joleen Easterbrook

Joleen Easterbrook - Credit: Archant

"It's infuriating and people are angry, for good reason, too."

She added: "He should absolutely step down and I would be surprised if he was elected again to be honest."

Chloe Dunning, a dog groomer who lives in Norwich

Chloe said she wasn't surprised by the news, adding: "To be honest it doesn't bother me that much.

"It was unfair to do at the time but we're looking at a year now - people need to stop holding onto it instead of getting so worked up."

Chloe Dunning

Chloe Dunning - Credit: Archant

And while the 27 year-old didn't think Boris should step down from his position she did concede that the information leaked could affect Boris' future.

She added: "I think people will vote for someone else -there are more people out there that don't seem to like him now."

Other people in Norwich felt more strongly, with one man who asked not to be named, saying: "I do what is necessary for those around me, it's just a shame the government don't."