Norwich paramedics raise money to save lives

Paramedics from Norwich who organised a raffle over the festive season have more than �800 to buy life saving equipment.

Critical Care Paramedic (CCP) Chris Neil has raised �850 with the rest of the Advance Paramedic Response Unit (APRU) team, which will help purchase valuable equipment for the Norwich Critical Care Car.

Mr Neil said: 'It all costs lots of money and we've got a long way to go until we raise the money we need.'

The money raised will be used to buy specialist drugs, ventilation equipment and specialist monitors as well as other items designed to treat patients who need a higher level of care

Mr Neil said: 'We have the same skill level of air ambulance in terms of equipment and drugs but we are in a car.

'We're based in Norwich, we're 24 hours but we cover the whole of Norfolk. The level of care we provide is really proving to be a success.'

The APRU began on Feb 1, 2009 and consists of a small team of specialist paramedics trained in emergency pre-hospital critical care.

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The CCPs bring specialist emergency care to seriously ill and injured patients and often performing life saving techniques.

Over the past year the APRU has been called upon to help more than 4,800 patients in the Norfolk area.

Mr Neil said: 'As this service is so new, there is presently no budget for us, and we desperately need life saving medical equipment to keep this vital service running.'

The raffle was drawn on January 8 at Inkbox on White Lion Street, off Gentlemans Walk, Norwich, and the prizes donated included a flat screen television, a tent, meals for two, books, and many others.

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