Norwich Palm & Sole takes a natural approach to beauty

Norwich complementary therapist Kathy Webb has created a range of beauty products which aren't just good for the skin, but the mind and body too. She tells EMMA LEE how Palm and Sole was inspired by her passions.

Complementary therapist Kathy Webb must feel a great sense of achievement when she walks through the beauty hall at Jarrold's.

There, nestling among the big name, big bucks beauty brands, is Palm and Sole – a range of products which she created herself and which was born of her great passion.

Kathy, who lives in Norwich's Golden Triangle, specialises in treatments for women. Qualified in massage and aromatherapy in 2005, inspired by her own experiences, she launched Life After Birth, a range of specially-tailored treatments aimed at women who felt that their bodies and minds hadn't quite slotted back into place after pregnancy.

The following year Kathy expanded her treatments to all women and launched the Women's Clinic, and then a couple of years ago she launched the Holistic Hub – 'pop up' events where women could go and get advice.

'It was all about encouraging women to look after themselves,' Kathy explains. 'So often they just put up with those little 'niggles' day after day.'

And it was through working with her clients and treating women that Palm and Sole was developed.

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'As time went on I would start putting things together – creams and oils for women to take home to enhance their treatments. And then their friends started phoning up. It evolved from there, getting their feedback on what worked,' Kathy says. 'I did lots of courses around the UK and lots of research.'

The products are a blend of Norfolk and Swedish beeswax (from 'happy bees' as Kathy calls them) and essential oils and have been rigorously tested.

'I seriously knuckled down a year-and-a -half ago,' says Kathy. 'The products went through many different versions. I go on instinct and needs and it evolves naturally.'

Kathy says that Suzie Abel and Amanda Gulliver from Jarrold's beauty hall were very encouraging about the range.

When she was developing the products, Kathy's ethos was to make them as pure and natural as possible, but with a touch of luxury.

'I tried to keep away from products that need heavy preservatives in them,' she says.

' I don't like the idea of putting chemicals on the skin more than you have to. Everything in it is natural. The oils and balms have a mixture of Norfolk and Swedish beeswax – I found it was more powerful and and nourishing than when they are used on their own,' says Kathy.

'I want to make it as real and honest as I can. That's why I made the containers see-through, so women can see what they're getting and how much they are using.'

And continuing her mission of encouraging women to get attuned to their own needs, she wanted the products to be versatile and to contain ingredients that wouldn't just be good for the skin but could benefit the body and senses too.

The core range comes in four options, and then within each option there are a number of products – an intense balm, a solid oil moisturiser, deep night facial oil, and body, bath and scalp oil.

Grounding contains frankincense, patchouli and hints of ginger. As well as helping to calm and relax, it's good for dry and dehydrated skin.

Levelling – to balance and harmonise – contains neroli, grapefuit and a hint of rosemary and is suited to dry and mature skin. 'Neroli is good for a nervous tummy as well,' adds Kathy.

Sparkling contains melissa, bergamot and rosemary to help revive and uplift.

And Nurturing contains palmarosa, which Kathy says is good for dry and sensitive skin.

In addition, Kathy has recently launched Three Rose Balm, an intense blend of Moroccan, Damascan and Bulgarian rose. The balm, which is good for mature skin, can be used in three ways: as it comes as an everyday balm, warmed, which can help ease the symptoms of PMT and the menopause and muscle tension, and cooled in the fridge to help ease stress headaches.

'A lot of it is about women creating things for themselves. When people do that they get more in touch with how they are feeling and start moulding around their own needs. It's what the whole thing is about,' says Kathy.

The Palm and Sole range is available exclusively at Jarrold's in Norwich. Kathy also does treatments at the Retreat in-store. For information visit