Norwich noise dispute leads to knife threat

Christine CunninghamA Norwich man brandished a knife and held it to the neck of a neighbour in a dispute over noise, a court has heard.Christine Cunningham

A Norwich man who was upset about noise brandished a knife and held it to the neck of one of his neighbours, a court heard.

Wayne Bigby, 46, became annoyed about the noise he claimed his neighbours were making in Throckmorton Yard, in Norwich, and came out of his flat shouting and brandishing a knife, Norwich Crown Court heard yesterday.

Malcolm Robins, prosecuting, said that Bigby held the knife up to the neck of Robert Fryers and swung the knife around about 10 times.

Mr Robins said that Bigby had shouted that he was not a 'divvy' from Norwich but came from London and said they were making his life a 'misery.'

Police arrived and arrested Bigby.

The court heard that Bigby had a long history of offending and had been living homeless in London before he moved to Norwich.

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Bigby admitted possessing an offensive weapon and was given a four-month jail sentence, suspended for 18 months.

Judge Paul Downes accepted there may have been some provocation, but said: 'That cannot excuse what you did.'

He said the courts would not tolerate people carrying knives and added that by suspending the sentence, he was giving Bigby a last chance.

'This is the last time the court can be very sympathetic,' added Judge Downes.

Michael Bell, mitigating, said that Bigby had been living homeless in London for 18 years.

'He moved to Norwich to make a new start, getting his accommodation in Throckmorton Yard,' said Mr Bell.

He added that Bigby had lived there four years and it was the first time he had a place of his own, but had been experiencing problems with neighbours.

Since the offence he had been living in a caravan in Taverham, but hoped to get re-housed to avoid further problems.