Norwich mum stranded after rescue truck breaks down

A mother was stranded for over two hours on a dual carriageway with her baby after the truck that was supposed to rescue them broke down.

Chloe White from Easton and her ten-month daughter Aimee were stuck in freezing weather at the side of the A47 on the eastbound slip road of the A140.

The 27-year-old was driving to Riverside to meet her friends for coffee when her silver MG ZTT broke down.

She said: 'The company that I phoned kept coming up with different excuses.

'I heard everything from they were stuck in traffic to they were on their way and were now at Ketteringham.

'When the driver turned up he said he had come straight from a job in Attleborough.'

Ms White's insurance company, Admiral, said the delay on Tuesday, December 20, was caused when the rescue truck had a puncture.

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Ms White said: 'The car was in a very dangerous spot as there was no hard shoulder.

'I phoned Admiral breakdown services at 11.29 to report the incident.

'I informed the operator that I was in a very dangerous position. I had my 10-month-old baby daughter with me and the weather was near freezing. I was told to await a text from the recovery centre.'

She received a text at 11.50 stating that the recovery vehicle would be on the scene within 30 minutes.

Two police cars arrived at 12.30pm and phoned the recovery company.

Ms White added: 'I had to change my baby daughter in near freezing conditions, feed her and allow her to sleep on me whilst I sat on a muddy grass verge embankment. A very kind passer-by stopped and wrapped me up in a blanket.

'I think the whole process was an utter disgrace and incredibly traumatic for myself and my baby.' The recovery vehicle eventually turned up at 2pm, two-and-a-half hours after her first request for help.

A spokesman for Admiral said they 'sincerely regretted' the delay.

They said the recovery vehicle got to Ms White at around 1.30pm and the second recovery vehicle arrived just before 2pm.

Ms White was sent a letter of apology and a �50 voucher.

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