Norwich mum gets a new look

Many new mums write to Life Matters to ask for a makeover, so we have chosen two who truly deserve a bit of pampering. In part one of our new mums series Anna Jacob from Salhouse gets a new look. By Emma Harrowing.

Putting on five stone while she was expecting her son Jensen came as a shock to personal trainer Anna Jacobs. Now that Jensen is 14 months old Anna has lost most of her baby weight through a balanced diet and exercise, but now she doesn't know how to dress her shape.

'To be honest I didn't do much exercise at all when I was pregnant, so it was no wonder that I ballooned to the size I did,' says 40-year-old Anna. 'I have got rid of most of the baby weight mainly through walking and doing Buggy Fit classes. I have also returned to work as a personal trainer part-time so I get quite a bit of exercise.

'You will often find me in leggings and a top with my hair tied back as having a one-year-old and working in the fitness industry doesn't leave a lot of time for style. However, it would be good to see myself as 'Anna' for once and wear a dress and have my hair done in a Hollywood tousled style!'


Anna's new athletic figure is in proportion and is quite straight so this season's tunic style dresses are ideal for her. House of Fraser personal shopper Claire is on hand to give Anna some style advice.

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'The best way to flatter a straight body shape is to mimic your shape with straighter style pieces,' says Claire. 'This tunic dress is a little short but Anna has a great pair of legs so she should show these off.

'The soft Coral and grey colours in the dress suits Anna's skin tone as softer tones will complement her best.'

Claire teams the dress with a pair of killer heels, perfect for when Anna starts going for the occasional evening out, and a bright Coral clutch bag.


Anna hasn't had her hair cut in a while and loves her long blonde hair so it's up to Kinki Boutique stylist Bryony to give Anna a look that will make her feel glamorous.

'Anna likes the wavy and curly looks worn by celebrities at the moment but she doesn't feel like she has the time to curl her hair,' says Bryony.

'By winding big sections around a pair of hair straighteners and pulling them through her hair she only needs to curl about eight sections to give her a tousled look. With practice this will take no more than 15 minutes.'

With time of the essence when it comes to getting ready in the morning Bryony gives Anna a layered cut that should be easy to style at home.

To bring back the glow to Anna's blonde hair, stylist Chelsey puts blonde highlights through her hair to give her colour a boost.


To complete Anna's makeover Bobbi Brown make-up artist Sammie shows Anna how she can create a natural looking look to brighten up her complexion.

The verdict

Anna says: 'I would never have picked this dress out for myself because it has orange on it and it has short sleeves, but I love it, in fact I don't want to take it off. My hair is amazing and Bryony gave me some great tips on how I can recreate this look at home in minutes. Whether I will have the patience to do it or not is another matter! Everything about my look screams of a stylish lady and not the frazzled new mum I usually am!'

You can see the second part of our mums' makeover on here on Monday as Rackheath mum Amanda Taylor gets a new look.