Norwich mum finds out how to hide her baby tummy

In the second part of our new mums makeover two-part special, Amanda Taylor from Rackheath gets tips on how to hide her 'baby tummy' as she gets back into shape. By EMMA HARROWING

After having a baby it can take a while to get back in shape. New mum Amanda Taylor has lost about four stone since having her son Dillon but is still conscience of her tummy.

Amanda is getting married in September and with a hen party and honeymoon looming she needs outfits for many special occasions.

'Since having Dillon I haven't really had much time to think about what I'm going to wear to these events,' says Amanda.

'I want a stylish look that will disguise my baby tummy – although I am hoping that this will disappear before the big day.'


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To show Amanda how she can dress her shape now and in the near future after she has lost weight, House of Fraser personal shopper Claire offers some advice.

'Amanda has a semi-straight body shape so most dress styles will suit her, but the style that will hide her tummy and will still look great when she loses the little weight she wants to lose is the shift dress,' says Claire.

'The shift is a classic straight shape that won't gape or bag around the tummy area like fitted styles will once Amanda loses her baby tummy.

'It is also a style that disguises the tummy area so that Amanda will look and feel stylish now.'

The dress also has detailing on one shoulder that draws the eye up towards Amanda's top half of her body, while the flattering length highlights her slim legs. The look is simply accessorised with a few sparkly bracelets, a pair of patent black heels and an oversized clutch bag.


Amanda usually wears her hair up during the day as when she is not playing with her son she works as a dental nurse in the city.

Hair stylist and owner of Kinki Boutique on Castle Street, Jason, is on hand to give Amanda's tresses some much needed TLC.

'Amanda has quite thick long hair which she finds time consuming to wash and dry,' he said.

'Adding layers to thin out the thickness of her hair will make it more manageable for her to style. Amanda doesn't want a fringe as she is conscious that she will have to grow it out for her wedding if she doesn't like it, but adding shorter layers through the front of her hair will break up her style and give her the option of wearing her hair with a low side parting which will create the illusion of a side fringe.'

For Amanda's colour, stylist Craig puts one colour through her hair to get rid of the multi-tonal effect currently making Amanda's hair look dull.

Then Jason finishes the look with a few big curls created using hair straighteners and brushed out to create a wavy effect.


To complete Amanda's evening look Bobbi Brown make-up artist Hayley showed Amanda how she can inject a touch of colour into her make-up look.

The verdict

Amanda says: 'I love this dress which is surprising as it is not usually the style I go for. It's also a great investment as I should be able to wear this even when I have lost some more weight.

'I cannot stop looking at my hair and make-up. My hair is great and I love the colour. I was a little scared when Hayley first said she was putting bright blue eye shadow on my eyes but the colour looks great and is a change from the usual browns I usually wear. This is definitely a look I will be wearing for my hen weekend or on my honeymoon or even next weekend if we go out somewhere!'