Norwich MP backs independent stores after meeting Earlham retailer

A Norwich MP has vowed to continue to support independent traders in the city after meeting an Earlham businessman to discuss current issues.

Simon Wright, Norwich South MP, today met Nigel Dowdney, who runs the Earlham Shopper at the Earlham West Centre.

Mr Dowdney said the intention of the meeting was to show the MP how an independent convenience store works and to discuss concerns over the decline of town centres and the growth of supermarkets.

Afterwards, Mr Wright said: 'It was a very useful meeting. Retailers have had some difficult times but the Earlham Shopper is doing a good trade locally.

'We discussed government policy and how we can help support independent convenience stores. I'm very keen to work with independent stores across the city, and will take this forward on an ongoing basis.

'I think independent stores can be more flexible and provide a more tailor-made service for customers then bigger supermarkets. Mr Dowdney stocks more than 4000 lines of products, which is double what a supermarket might stock. They provide a vital service.'

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