Can you give a home to these bunnies which were abandoned in the woods?

Holly and Rowan are now ready for adoption. 

Holly and Rowan are now ready for adoption having been cared for by Alys Wyatt (inset). - Credit: Alys Wyatt

Two malnourished rabbits which were found dumped in the woods are searching for their forever home.

Bunnies Rowan and Holly are currently in foster care in Norwich.

In June the pair - believed to be mum and daughter - were found so covered in parasites their fur was falling out.

They were taken in by Hallswood Animal Sanctuary in Stratton Strawless which passed them to foster carer Alys Wyatt.

Ms Wyatt, from Mile Cross, has now spent weeks with the pair trying to help them feel safe.

The 34-year-old said: "They were dumped in a woodland in Norwich but I don't know which - they were both severely underweight.

Rowan is believed to be the parent of Holly. 

Rowan is believed to be the parent of Holly. - Credit: Alys Wyatt

“They both had parasites and Holly had a lot of fur loss too because of how poorly she was.”

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The skittish pair were handed to Alys as she has had experience looking after abandoned animals.  

The Hallswood volunteer said: “They were prone to shock so in order to get them to where they are today I had to take everything slow and steady.  

“I kept them indoors for the first month and they had free roam of one of the bedrooms in my home.

"Then I was just careful to socialise them little and often working on building trust.” 

After weeks of work Holly and Rowan are now able to be stroked and within the last week they have even enjoyed being picked up. 

Alys said: “Holly in particular loves it, she enjoys nuzzling into hair and is a really loving bunny.

"We don't really know their story but they were clearly pets."

Rowan is one years old and Holly is around eight months old. 

And now the bunnies are ready for their forever home.

Alys thinks they would be best suited to a professional couple who maybe are not able to have a cat or a dog but do want an animal. 

When she was found Holly had a lot of fur loss, and now she has a lovely coat. 

When she was found Holly had a lot of fur loss, and now she has a lovely coat. - Credit: Alys Wyatt

She said: “Both Holly and Rowan are litter trained and would make amazing house rabbits.”  

Both Rowan and Holly are neutered, microchipped and health checked.

They are up to date on their anti-parasite treatments.

They are due to be vaccinated in the coming week.

If anyone is interested in adopting Holly and Rowan they should contact Alys via: