Norwich market place to get the Sir Garnet Wolseley pub back - but with a different name

There used to be 13 pubs dotted around Norwich market place but when the Sir Garnet Wolseley closed last year there were none.

But the pub is reopening next Tuesdayunder the new name of Sir Garnet, and will be run by the team behind the successful Birdcage in Pottergate, Norwich.

The new owner Lauren Gregory also owns the Birdcage and the pub will be managed by Hollie West, who will continue to also work at the Birdcage. The pub is getting a fresh facelift with hand-painted signage and a new colour scheme.

Miss West said: 'Sir Garnet Wolseley is a bit of a mouthful and everyone keeps spelling it wrong. We are also calling it the Birdcage's older brother.'

New chef Nick Phillips is promising customers handmade burgers with meat and tomatoes sourced from Norwich market, and the pub will also sell real ales from Norfolk breweries.

The pub started trading in about 1861, but only adopted the name Sir Garnet Wolseley in 1874, named after Field Marshal Garnet Joseph Wolseley, 1st Viscount Wolseley.

The Evening News has been urging customers to return to pubs as part of our Love your Local campaign.

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