Norwich Market fee increase: If we don’t start using our local markets we will lose them

Norwich Market. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Norwich Market. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

News that traders on Norwich market are to face a substantial increase in their site fees prompts me to highlight the role of markets in our rural towns.

Weekly 'charter' markets tend to be run by local councils and are therefore a collaboration between public and private sector organisations.

The latter are usually small businesses, which are recognised to be the backbone of our economy.

Markets are more than 'pop up' shopping malls, erected on the same location each week but are a meeting point for the local community.

Rural transport, limited as it is, often coincides with market days and encourages shoppers to support their local town centre.

Wymondham Farmers' Market celebrates its 17th anniversary on March 18 and is one of several monthly gathering points for local food and drink producers around the county, which continue to act as a hub for our market towns. Use them or lose them.

Tony Vale, Activity Team, Sycamore Avenue, Wymondham.

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