Norwich man sets up new family business

When a father of three from Norfolk was made redundant twice in just over a year he decided it was the 'kick' he needed to start his own business,

Steve Keeble, 44, from Rackheath, started his glazing company, Broadland Glass Services Ltd, this month.

Mr Keeble said: 'You lose all your self respect and feel like you're not good enough but you've just got to carry on.'

Mr Keeble was first made redundant in August 2009 from a glazing firm local to his home. He was then offered his job back by the same company but was let go again in September this year.

'That's when I thought I'd work for myself,' he said.

'It's very frightening to start it, but I'm giving it my best shot and I hope it takes off.'

Mr Keeble has worked with glass since the age of 16 and thought about starting his own business back in the eighties.

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'I've be wondering all these years if I should have done it and I think this has given me the kick I needed to do it,' he said.

He is also hoping to make it a family affair by recruiting his eldest son Azure, 10, who suffers with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

He said: 'Azure may find it hard to find a job when he leaves school because of his condition. I've had it as well and I know how hard it is in life to get on with it. With me eventually being his boss it will give him that start.'

Mr Keeble said his wife Andrea, 42, may join one day too and there is also the option for Steele, 9, and Salvu, 7 to work with their father too.

'That is what it's all about at the end of the day. Family. That's why we're working,' he said.

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