Norwich man’s cancer charity receives boost

A prostate cancer survivor who set up a new charity aimed at helping men to beat the devastating disease in its various forms has received a 'fantastic' funding boost.

Mel Lacey, a former policeman, was diagnosed with cancer two years ago after being prompted to go for a test by a friend who was suffering from the disease.

Mr Lacey, now 63, had no symptoms, but the PSA (prostate specific antigens) blood test pointed to a problem and he was referred to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital where the cancer was diagnosed and treated.

His recovery from the disease prompted him to want to do something to help other men by launching a charity to fund research and raise awareness about male cancers.

The Blue Ribbon Foundation (BRF), which aims to do for men what the Pink Ribbon Foundation does for women, became a registered charity earlier this year and has just been provided with a cheque for �1,300. Stewart Kemp, president of the Wroxham Bure Valley Rotary Club, presented a cheque to the Blue Ribbon Foundation (BRF) at the club's meeting this month.

Mr Kemp said: 'We are delighted to support this new charity which is dedicated to raising the profile of male health issues.

'Cancer is no respecter of age or gender and in the case of male cancers, there is obviously a lot of work to be done in educating us menfolk.'

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The money, which was raised from a charity walk, will be used for the educational and awareness work that the charity is embarking upon as well as purchasing collecting tins, blue ribbons, badges and posters.

Mr Lacey, BRF Trustee, said: 'When the cheque was presented to me and I realised how much it was I just said 'wow' because it really sums up my feelings.

'The charity is obviously dear to my heart and when people come up with these kinds of efforts and that kind of support it just humbles you. I just think it's fantastic.'

Mr Lacey said the charity had been working with the Evening News to help save the lives of men by raising awareness of cancer so more men could go and get themselves checked out.

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