Norwich man pens an alien adventure

Jon Jones from Norwich who has written his first book, Aaron the Alien.PHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY

Jon Jones from Norwich who has written his first book, Aaron the Alien.PHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY - Credit: Archant Norfolk

A Norwich man is exploring what happens when a smart-mouthed child meets a wisecracking alien in his first book.

Jon Jones has penned Aaron the Alien, which he hopes will appeal to both children and adults alike, while also attracting a publisher.

He said the idea for the 'epic' adventure book first emerged in the 1990s and he wanted to produce a positive story which also gripped the reader.

Mr Jones, of St Augustines Gate, off St Augustines Street, said: 'It's totally finished and I am really excited about it.

'I believe it's good and I think I've put some very clever dialogue in and some jokes for adults and kids – a bit like The Simpsons where the kids love it and adults get it as well.

'If you took all that out, I believe the story and the imagination I've put into it will still make it a good read.'

Mr Jones said he had finished the 'third and supposed final' draft, which he had sent to publishers, but he would keep going through it.

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The story is about Timmy, described as an ordinary young boy, who is shocked to meet an alien called Aaron who has a similar personality.

Mr Jones said after the pair argue about whose planet is the best, they set off to visit Aaron's but end up crashing en route.

The 36-year-old, known as Jon-Jon to friends, said: 'Timmy and Aaron quickly realise that they are stranded on a planet as terrifying as it is comical.

'Will they find a way off the planet? Can they stay alive long enough to do so? Do they really know each other?

'The idea is this book is an introduction to the characters. I've got sequels planned and so many ideas and places where I would like them to go.

'It's really about friendship. It's about changing your life, following your dreams and accepting who you are, be proud of who you are and be a positive member of society.

'That's what I want the kids to take away from it.'

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