Norwich man is thanked by Palace for Royal Wedding poem

A poet from Norwich whose family has royalist roots has received a letter from Buckingham Palace thanking him for sending the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a poem to commemorate their wedding day.

Keen poet and writer, John Armstrong, 77, of Meredith Road, Hellesdon, wrote a poem to William and Catherine to wish them all the best for their big day.

Mr Armstrong sent the poem off to the palace, but was not expecting to hear anything back, so he was surprised when a letter arrived on his doorstep.

'I'm delighted with the whole thing,' he said.

'I have always respected the royal family and during the war we stood up for them. I love the royal family.'

Mr Armstrong previously worked at Norwich City Council for 27 years and has a passion for learning.

'I always had a love of literature,' he said, listing William Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy and Dylan Thomas as some of his favourite writers.

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'I always had those writers in mind, I wanted to be educated.'

Mr Armstrong explained that he had a very poor education when he was younger and has always strived to educate himself.

As well as poems he also writes thoughtful essays on a variety of topics, from space to local history. Mr Armstrong also explained that he has royal connections associated with his name.

The clan Armstrong originates from Cumberland and in traditional oral history and folklore it is said their heroic progenitor, Fairbairn, the squire to the King of Scotland, saved his master in battle. Of receiving his letter from the lady in waiting, Mr Armstrong joked: 'It is like it's from one royal to another.'

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