Norwich man breaks three world records in a day

A Norwich father has broken a trio of strange world records in one day and now hopes to show off his unusual skills on Britain's Got Talent.

Shaun Jones, 50, who goes by the stage name Mrremarkableman, blows up and bursts hot water bottles as if they were balloons and lifts huge weights.

In just one day on Monday he set records for the fastest time to blow up and burst a hot water bottle at just 8.9 seconds, another for doing the same while standing upside down and a third for blowing up five in a row.

'I started doing some world records last year. I had no idea I'd be doing what I'm doing now,' said the painter and decorator, who works around the city.

'I was really tired, my lungs were nearly collapsing.'

In the past he had set records for squat-lifting more than a million pounds in weight and held national and world squat lifting titles. He also works as a street performer in London and helps to raise awareness for Macmillan Cancer Support after losing his mother to the disease.

On Monday Mrremarkableman will audition for Britain's Got Talent with a show he promises to be the 'World's Fastest, Most Extreme Hot Water Bottle Buster'.

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He walks on stage in a suit and bowler hat, carrying an umbrella and briefcase, before shocking his audience with bizarre feats of strength.

But exactly what his routine will contain is being kept secret until the show, even from his family.

'I'm going to pull out all the stops. Even the ITV producers will have no idea what's going to happen until I audition.

'I just hope that it is not too extreme for the public,' he said. In training for his records and performances he currently blows up about five �7 hot water bottles a day, a habit he admits can get quite expensive.

'My wife is not too happy,' he said. 'It's dangerous, it's extreme.'

On January 29 he is also organising a World Record Breaking Day event at the Forum, where he hopes to become the first person in the world to lift 60,000 kilos in one hour.

'That will be right to the wire.

'I don't know if I'm going to make it,' he said.

People young and old, able-bodied and disabled, will also be encouraged to try and break their own world record at the event.

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