Son's 60km run to raise £1,000 in mum's memory

Lee Hewitt 60k run

Lee Hewitt pictured with his sisters Kirsty, Donna, grandmother and mum Shelley, who passed away last December. - Credit: Lee Hewitt

A Norwich man is ready to go the distance and run 60km to coincide with his late mum's birthday and raise money for the "angels" that supported his family during her cancer diagnosis.

Lee Hewitt, 33, from Old Catton, Norwich, said a decade ago the challenge of running the equivalent of one-and-a-half marathons would have been easier.

His mum Shelley Hewitt, from Martham, died at home after an 18-month fight with cancer on December 10 2019, 11 days before her 59th birthday.

Shelley and Chris Hewitt

Shelley and Chris Hewitt, from Martham. Their son Lee is running 60km in Shelley's memory. - Credit: Lee Hewitt

In her memory, Mr Hewitt has set himself the target to run 5km every other day with the aim to finish the challenge on December 21, Mrs Hewitt's 60th birthday.

He aims to raise £1,000 which he will donate to Marie Curie, which provided overnight care for his mum and respite and support for his dad Chris.

Mr Hewitt, who has two sisters Kirsty and Donna, said; "It was a case of making her comfortable rather than there was going to be a cure or treatment. We wanted to do that as best as possible and for that that was being at home. She had a phobia of being in hospital and being alone.

"Marie Curie did an amazing job to make her feel so comfortable, I would go so far to say they became friends. They made it possible for mum to spend her last 12 months in her home.

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"These guys were there during the hardest of nights and dealt with things with a minimum of fuss and never making mum feel uncomfortable or a burden."

Mrs Hewitt, who has three grandchildren and one great grandchild, worked at Martham Primary School with children needing assistance with their reading and speech therapy.

Shelley Hewitt with her grandchild and great grandchild

Shelley Hewitt dressed as Father Christmas with her grandson Jake and great-granddaughter Serena. - Credit: Lee Hewitt

On taking on the challenge, Mr Hewitt, said it would be difficult but he would get immense satisfaction.

He said; "When mum passed away she was very clear that she did not want a wake or funeral, she did not want people getting sad. She wanted us to be happy and remember her in a happy and positive way.

"On the 21st I want it to be a positive and celebration of her life rather than sadness and getting upset.

"I would be over the moon. It would be amazing to get to that target. I know it is a really stretching target in these difficult times."

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