Couple forced to mark golden wedding home alone as coronavirus wrecks celebrations


A couple face being forced to spend their 50th wedding anniversary home alone after coronavirus wrecked family celebrations.


Mick Yallop, 84, and wife Joy, 77, met in 1969 in Lowestoft when he was commuting from Norwich while working as a bricklayer and she walked by one day on her way to work in a shop. Their daughter Debbie Ingle had arranged to mark their golden wedding on April 4 with a special stay at Potters Resort with their beloved grandson Joseph, 13, followed by a party with extended family from Lowestoft.

They had also planned to stay at a friend’s apartment in the south of France in May.

However with the family separated by the coronavirus lockdown the couple face spending their anniversary alone at their Tuckswood home.

Debbie Ingle and son Joseph, 13, who goes to Framlingham Earl High School, will not be able to celeb

Debbie Ingle and son Joseph, 13, who goes to Framlingham Earl High School, will not be able to celebrate the golden wedding of parents and grandparents Mick and Joy Yallop. Picture: Debbie Ingle - Credit: Debbie Ingle

MORE: Norfolk feels ‘emotional’ after tribute to NHS and care workersDebbie Ingle, 48, who works for Norwich City Council, said: “This was all to celebrate a wonderful 50 years of marriage. Instead we can’t even visit my parents now at all. They will spend their anniversary together but with no celebration.”

Mrs Ingle, who has asthma so is self-isolating, added: “I ring them at least twice a day just to make sure they are alright, but it is not the same as seeing them.

“They really miss seeing their grandson but he speaks to them on the phone, but unfortunately they are not that technical so we cannot Facetime or anything.”


She said the family hoped to rearrange the celebrations for later in the summer.

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“I had planned to trim up their bungalow at Potters with balloons and celebrations on their table, but obviously it is not going to happen now,” she said.

“It is so disappointing because we have been planning this for such a long while. We won’t take a refund. We still plan on having a party but it looks like it will be more of a summer garden party.”

MORE: Mum’s plea to send birthday cards to chronically ill son stuck indoorsShe added: “They’ve had their ups and downs. My mum sadly lost her mum the year after having me which had a devastating effect. She had a heart attack at only 53 but thankfully fully recovered.

“Just over a year ago my dad collapsed one night and fractured his neck. It was such a scary time as he was then 82 years old.

“But they have been there for myself and their grandson, through thick and thin. This was going to be a very special time for us to give back to them.”

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