Are rodents or insects secretly taking over your home?

What are some tell-tale signs that your house could be infested by unwanted pests?

What are some tell-tale signs that your house could be infested by unwanted pests? - Credit: Doug Manson / Getty Images

All through the year pests have a knack of sneaking their way into unsuspecting folk's homes.

Depending on the rodent, insect or bird sheltering in the home they can do more damage the longer they stay.

So catching early signs of any furry or creepy crawly intruders is important to keep repair bills down.

Doug Manson, owner of Banish Pet Control, is regularly trawling through city homes to clear out unwanted guests. 

The 28-year-old said: "Homes can often be inhabited by animals without us knowing.

Wasps building their nest on the roof of a home in Weston

It's best to contact a pest control expert if you spot a wasp's nest near your home. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

"The most common pests are rats, mice, flies, wasps and even cockroaches. It can take a trained eye to recognise the early signs.

"A pest controller will be able to visually differentiate between pest species by inspecting damage, droppings, feeding areas or even by odour.

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"With homeowners however they will likely hear a pest before seeing one.

"But there are a number of tell-tale signs to look out for which can help identify a potential infestation early.

"Droppings can be found in the house which is a clear sign of an infestation. 

Doug Manson, owner of Banish Pet Control.

Doug Manson, owner of Banish Pet Control. - Credit: Doug Manson

"Look in cupboards and other enclosed or hidden areas - especially in the kitchen for droppings.

"New holes showing up around the house is another easy sign to spot if something is burrowing around the home.

"If foodstuffs are being damaged it is likely a sign a rodent or insect is getting into it for food.

"Should insects be forming in larger numbers, or are in a particular area of the house, it could be a sign.

"Insects such as ants, wasps or moths will naturally blunder into your home.

Grey mouse eating pasta and other dry food items after infesting a home.

Rats and mice are persistent scavengers. If you notice dry food items missing from your kitchen - they may be responsible. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

"If you notice these insects in large quantities and exhibiting organised behaviour, for example, setting up established paths or resource gathering - they're likely making a home in your home."

Over the summer months Mr Manson is particularly busy dealing with insects invading people's homes.

He added: "Summer time is insect season.

"You've got the wasps and cockroaches but also ants and hornets can be found.

"This isn't to say rodent and bird work stops but insects are in their highest volume in the summer months."