Norwich homes get a 60s vibe

Oak veneer and large floral prints are making a comeback as modern homes get a '60s vibe. By Emma Harrowing.

Retro-inspired interiors have been in vogue for a while, but the sudden influx of '50s, '60s and '70s-inspired textile exhibitions has shed new light on the vintage look.

First there is textile designer Pat Albeck's exhibitions currently on at Norwich Cathedral and Verandah in Upper St Giles, as reported in Life Matters last week. Now Anglian Furnishing Fabrics in Magdalen Street has brought in a collection of retro printed fabric and wallpaper for you to give your home a touch of vintage style.

Get the look for your home by recovering cushions with the Sanderson Parklife '50s fabric from Anglian Furnishing Fabrics (there is a in-store cushion-making service if you are not a dab hand with the needle and thread), buying retro-inspired pieces such as the cream wall clock or galvanised steel bin from John Lewis, or mix and match your kitchen or dining chairs with ones that ooze '60s style such as the Ligne Roset Marcello chair.

To really get into the '60s vibe update your furniture with the Ligne Roset '60s-inspired Pumpkin chairs or go way out there with the '60s-inspired floral armchair or oak veneered sideboard from Tesco.

Be inspired by our photo gallery of 60s inspired home accessories. Just click the photo gallery link at the top right hand side of this page.