Man thanks 'hero' DHL driver after A&E trek

Paul Knight, 41 was leaving A&E with an infection when he was seen struggling to get home by a DHL driver. 

Paul Knight, 41, was forced to wander back from A&E but was helped by a hero DHL driver. He's pictured with his cat. - Credit: Paul Knight

A Hethersett man is looking for a kind-hearted delivery driver who saved him a marathon, late-night walk home after leaving A&E in the early hours.  

Paul Knight, 41, is currently suffering from an infection in his arm and when the pain got too much on Tuesday evening he was forced to go to accident and emergency.  

Paul also has type two diabetes so was desperate to see a doctor and get checked out.  

He said: “I was in A&E for several hours but it was fine - the staff were brilliant.” 

Paul was given medication and was finally allowed to leave the hospital at 3am.  

“I called all the taxi companies - all said they didn’t have availability until 6am," he said. 

“So, I was faced with a choice of either hanging around for three hours feeling dreadful or trying to walk home.” 

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Despite being in lots of pain Paul decided to hike towards the B1172 as he was familiar with that route.  

He was using his phone light to see as parts of the trek included unlit roads..  

Paul said: “It was actually starting to freak me out, it was so windy and the wind through the trees was scary.  

“Keep in mind I thought I would easily get a taxi home so I was wandering around in a pair of flip flops. 

“I could hear all those classic horror sound effects such as owls, rustling hedgerows it was like a spooky cartoon lane.” 

Paul was about a third of the way home when a man pulled over.  

“I thought he was going to tell me off, which he would be well within his rights to do as I wasn’t well lit at all," he said.  

“But he was lovely, he was also going to Hethersett as he had just finished a shift. 

“I got his name but I almost immediately forgot it and now I want to find him to thank him, he drove a blue car and was still wearing his DHL uniform.” 

Thanks to the hero driver paul finally made it home safely at 4.30am.