Norwich grandmother’s thanks for paperboy, 14, who saved her life

A Norwich grandmother has come face-to-face with the paperboy who saved her life.

A Norwich grandmother has been reunited with the paperboy who saved her life.

Fourteen-year-old Nick Hall rushed to the aid of Iris Cannell, 96, after she had a fall outside her home while collecting her milk on November 19.

The Sprowston High School pupil heard Mrs Cannell's calls for help as she lay across her doorstep with a dislocated shoulder and leg injury, caring for her until emergency services arrived.

Nick used his paperbag to prop her up in a seating position, covered her with his coat to keep her warm and wrapped his scarf around her feet.

The two met again on Thursday, just days after Mrs Cannell, of Catton Court, Old Catton, was released from hospital after seven weeks.

She said: 'He saved me from lying there in the cold and dying from hypothermia.

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'I went out to pick up my milk and overbalanced and fell down flat on my face. I called out, but I didn't think anyone would be there.

'Then these two feet appeared, and he said to me in this quiet voice: 'Would you like me to get the ambulance for you?'

'He was so kind and so good, and he held my hand until the ambulance came.'

Mrs Cannell suffered a dislocated shoulder, injuries to her back and a wound to her leg in the fall, which happened at 7.20am.

She said: 'I'm sure he saved my life. I think that should be made public so people are aware that there are nice young fellows out there – not all young people are hooligans.'

Of her reunion with Nick, of Lodge Lane, Old Catton, she said: 'I was so pleased to see him – I wanted to thank him in person for what he did. He was all smiles, and it was a really happy few minutes when he came round.'

A modest Nick, now 15, said his reaction was just 'instinct' and that he had been talked through the first-aid steps by Mrs Cannell's care warden and the ambulance service.

'I did what anyone would have done. It was a shock, but I just kicked into a way of helping until the paramedics arrived,' he said.

'As I was delivering a paper to the house opposite, I heard a big bang and turned to see Mrs Cannell lying there.

'She was really brave, and kept chatting away to me. She is a lovely woman.

'I was just trying to keep her mind off the pain, as I could see that the leg injury was quite bad and she was holding her arm in a funny way.'

Mrs Cannell, who has a daughter and two grand daughters, spent time at Norfolk and Norwich and Aylsham hospitals after the fall and was released two weeks ago. She said she was slowly beginning to recover from her injuries.

She added: 'I just want people to know about what Nick did, because he saved my life.'

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