Norwich grandmother advised to dig up buried dog by police after attack by a Staffordshire bull terrier in park

A Norwich grandmother who buried her dead pet in the back garden following an attack by a Staffordshire bull terrier was advised to dig it up again by police.

Officers asked Wendy Green if she would be willing to dig up her beloved dog Tula so it could be examined for evidence after it was attacked at the Bowthorpe School Site Community Park on Saturday.

Mrs Green, who lives at Beverley Road on the North Earlham estate, was walking the toy poodle with her husband and six-year-old granddaugther, Tegan, when the incident took place around lunchtime.

The 54-year-old claims the Staffy was running off the lead in the children's play area before making its way across the field and attacking her poodle, which was a birthday present from her son.

Her husband, David Green, made a desperate attempt to save the dog, but was unable to do anything for the animal, which was later buried in their back garden.

Police dealing with the incident explained to Mrs Green that digging up her animal and having it examined by a vet may provide stronger evidence if the case went to court.

The grandmother of nine refused to carry out the act - and called for all dogs to be kept on leads in area where she lives.

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Speaking about the attack, Mrs Green said she had never been a dog person, but was left so traumatised by the incident that she has been unable to go to work.

'Tula was like an adult in herself. She used to get up by the window in our house and wait for my husband or son to come home. She was just so clever, I never knew a dog like her,' she said.

'And now, since it happened, I feel so sick and I can't even go to work. I have never been a sloppy dog person, but now I know how these dog owners feel.

'You don't expect a two-year-old dog to die, especially in the way she did. That is just what I cannot get over.'

Mrs Green, who has three children, was given the dog as a birthday by her eldest son Tommy because she was fond of a toy poodle she had as a pet when she was younger.

Now she is afraid she will never be able to have a pet again because of the affect the attack has had on her family.

'This is not something my granddaughter should have had to witness. She loved that dog and always went to find her whenever she came round. She has been left traumatised by what she saw,' Mrs Green continued.

'There has got to be something done. My dog is not going to die for nothing. I am not saying all Staffy's are bad, but many of them are just kept as status symbols.'

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Norfolk Constabulary said: 'We have been in contact with the owner in this case and our investigations are ongoing to determine the circumstances surrounding the dog's death.'

Elsewhere in the city, people living in Douro place off Dereham Road were left shocked and angry this week when a cat was brutally killed following an attack by a person.

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